Product Care Information

  • Any accessories bought if maintained with utmost care will serve for longtime.

  • Exposure to moisture, cosmetics and water is harmful and decolorize the embellishments made of metals.

  • Keep the silver coated charms/beads used products in cool n dry place after wearing them and then put them in pouches or zip lock covers.

  • Store the satin ribbon flowers in stiff boxes so that they dont loose their shape, as pressing the fabrics generally become loose and spoil the look of flowers.

  • Dont scrub or use detergents to wash the satin fabric flowers. Try with wet tissues for small stain removals.

  • Dont crowd these fabric flowers accessories in one single box.

  • While placing or removing the Clip’s/Pin’s from hair, dont pull the embellishments or patches. As rough handling of the patches will destroy the item.

  • The wire’s in the Pin’s are little flexible, so that you can create a look to your hairstyle, but do it softly so that you dont ruin the item.