Our Story


SreeAnvi Creations …never had the idea or glimpse in mind of creating this handcrafted business since I was nothing but a homemaker of the conservative society of orthodox India.  I just started with surfing few tutorials of making handmade items in mid 2017. Slowly I was drawn into it and made few pieces just out of pure interest. I was keen on trying the traditional Japanese art of Kanzhashi flowers. Every step I took towards learning this art, I realized the beauty and intricacy underneath. Thanks to the social media of this generation, I was able to learn the knowledge I craved for. It was then I realized that age and gender need not be my barriers when all one needs, is to live for your passion .

After few attempts in this line of art, I slowly realized the passion for making handcrafted items and then planned to try out varieties of other styles like European and Korean hair accessories.  Lot of these styles inspired me and I wanted to make it available for the indian market with a different finish. Each product of mine differs from one another as an attempt at uniqueness for each idea has its own intention to fulfill.

I believe you must bring your whole self to the table if you want to thrive in today’s world…even if it’s your hobby brought into business.

I have tried best to my conscious to use high quality raw materials, and will keep trying to update and upgrade to always provide you with the best version. I’m thus happy in individually launching this startup company, to give to you adorable accessories for Girls and few enhancing home decors. I would love you to be a part of my journey to where ever this passion of mine leads me to.

I dont believe in mass manufacturing, so each of them is limited in stock and mostly single piece.

Keep watching my site for brand new creations .

Customize:  If you like something, but it is currently not instock, do reach out to us to create your own customized piece/pieces. If you would like to wear an unique item to match and uplift your outfit, I am right here for you to customize accessories. I would love to design matching accessories for your girl and bring her to spotlight.