• Stylish floral arrangement to be used on a plaited long hair. Handmade satin ribbon flowers (Kanzashi style) arranged on a grosgrain ribbon. Main big flower is placed with a crocodile clip, which holds the long grosgrain ribbon to which other 4 small flowers are placed in such a way, you can move them to set to your hairstyle. Smaller flowers are moveable long the ribbon. Braid the ribbon into the hair, placing the flowers where ever you want. The photo is just an example how you can use it. It looks beautiful in French Braid. Also can be used as topknot for bun/ bun wrap ring. Can be made in other colours of your choice.
  • Material used: Flowers made of satin ribbon, Grosgrain ribbon, Crocodile clip, Pollen sticks, flat acrylic pearl and beads.
  • Color: Red, Coral Pink and Golden
  • Unit: 1 pc
  • Measurement: Silver crocodile clip - 6.5cm, Total length - 54cm, Big flower - 7cm, Small flower - 4cm.
  • Care: see - Best Practice

Red and Golden Floral Hair Rope

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