• Simple two sized floral arrangement comb clip. The flowers are made in the technique of tsumami kanzashi. Flowers are made from satin ribbons. These handmade layered flowers are placed over black 20teeth comb clip, arranged in a stylish floral way.  These comb clip look very classic and elegant. Suitable for any bridesmaids, flower girls, dance, party session. At your request can be made a flowers of a different color combinations.
  • Material used: Black comb clip, satin ribbon, crystals, resins
  • Color: White | Blue | Pink | Orange | Violet
  • Unit: 1pc
  • Measurement: 7.5cm Black Clip. 10*5cm floral arrangement. 8cm long hanging
  • Care: see Best Practice

Simple double sized flower Comb clip (Available in 5 Colors)